10 Best 8 Quart Programmable Slow Cookers in 2021

Best 8 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

Best 8 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

If you’re looking for a new programmable slow cooker with 8 quarts capacity, then this article is perfect for you! We will cover the best 8 quart programmable slow cookers currently available on the market. These types of cooking tools will help save money and time in your home. You’ll find out what type of features these appliances have, as well as the benefits they provide. So let’s get started!

Slow cookers are one of the best ways to prepare home-cooked meals. Many people don’t know how to use them, but they have several benefits that you might not be aware of. We will also discuss why it is so beneficial for your family. 

There are also some great 8-quart programmable slow cookers with locking lids on the market right now that offer even more benefits!

In a Hurry? Check out our top 3 picks for the best slow cooker 8 quart programable.

Editor’s Choice
Instant Pot Duo Nova Electric Pressure Cooker

  • Smart Lid Auto Seal
  • 14 One-Touch Programs
  • 8 Quart Capacity
Runner Up
GoWISE USA Electric Pressure Cooker

  • Full Stainless Steel
  • 12 Presets
  • 8 Quart Capacity
Budget Pick
Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker

  • Countdown Timer
  • Dishwasher Safe Stoneware
  • 8 Quart Capacity

Size Guide for Programmable Slow Cookers – Best Size For Your Needs!

Why 8-quart capacity is the best size for your needs? The size of a slow cooker is an important factor before buying a programmable slow cooker. We have explained below what size is ideal for different people.

1.5 quarts to 3 quarts

Crockpots come in various sizes and styles, ranging from 1.5 quarts to 12 quarts and everything in between. The 1.5 quarts to 3 quarts are ideal for little cooking, such as for one or two people. Anything under 2 will only be useful for reheating a dip, sauce, or dessert, not preparing a complete meal.

3 quarts to 4 quarts

3-4 quarts is a good number for a family of two who wants leftovers or if you’re feeding 4-5 people at once. These are ideal for serving medium-sized meals.

5 quarts to 6 quarts

Slow cookers with a 5-6 quarts capacity are perfect for households of 5-6 persons or for making leftovers for a family of four. You can fit a lot more food in there. These are excellent for breaking down larger cuts of meat, such as a chuck roast or pork shoulder. The regular size is 6 quarts, and many recipes are designed expressly for this amount.

7 quarts to 8 quarts

Crockpots with capacities of more than 7 quarts are designed to cook large amounts of food. These are perfect for feeding large families, meal planning for the week, or feeding a crowd. A crockpot with a capacity of more than 7-8 quarts can be useful if you’re cooking large dinners or intend to prepare a lot of food.

If you’re using a crockpot recipe, check to see if it calls for a specific crockpot size. The majority of slow cooker recipes are tailored to particular slow cooker sizes.

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List of 10 Best 8-quart programmable slow cooker:

Image Product Feature Price
Editor’s Choice
Instant Pot Duo Nova Electric Pressure Cooker
Pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute pan, food warmer, and yogurt maker. The smart lid automatically seals your Instant Pot. 10 plus safety features and Clear, simple controls. Check On Amazon
Runner Up
GoWISE USA Electric Pressure Cooker
Comes with a Stainless Steel pot, Stainless Steel rack, Stainless Steel basket, measuring cup, spoon, detachable cord. Time can be set manually, and the Pressure can switch between low and high. Check On Amazon
Budget Pick
Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker
High, low & warm settings, removable, dishwasher-safe stoneware. Perfect size for 8 lb. chicken or 6 lb. roast. Prevents overcooking by automatically switching to warm after cooking. Cook from 30 minutes to 18 hours. Check On Amazon
With Lid Lock
Kalorik Slow Cooker, Digital Programmable.
Digital control panel for easy programming and timing. Tempered glass locking lid, easy-clean lid, and dishwasher-safe inner ceramic bowl. Check On Amazon
Airtight locking lid
Crock-pot Programmable Slow Cooker
8-Quart Capacity, Manual Pressure, Boil, Simmer, Slow Cook, Pressure Cook, Brown, Sauté, or Steam. Accessories include a recipe book, steaming rack, and serving spoon. Check On Amazon
Highest Rated
Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker
Stainless steel inner pot with easy-grip nonslip handles and the flat inner surface can be used on gas, electric, and induction stovetop/cooktop. The bright, bold display is angled to make it easy to read. Check On Amazon
Amazon Renewed Guarantee
Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker TenderCrisp Technology
Super easy to clean, the non-stick 8-qt pot and rack are dishwasher safe. You can Pressure Cook, Air Fry/Air Crisp, Steam, Slow Cook, Sear/Sauté, Bake/Roast (Grill), Broil, Dehydrate. Check On Amazon
Cooker Air Fryer Combo
Instant Pot Pro Crisp Pressure Cooker with Air Fryer Combo
11 customizable cooking presets and 8-quart capacity. 2 interchangeable lids transform the Instant Pot from pressure cooker to air fryer. Overheat Protection, safety lid lock, and quick-release button. Check On Amazon
New Arrival
KOOC 8.5-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker
Digital Countdown Timer lets you program cook times anywhere from 30 minutes up to 20 hours. Free Liners Included for Easy Clean-up, Upgraded Ceramic pot, Adjustable Temp. Check On Amazon
Amazon’s Choice
Instant Pot Aura Pro Programmable Slow Cooker with Sous Vide
8 Quarts, Capacity oval design, stainless steel, nonstick, removable cooking pot. Accessories include stainless steel food grade 304 (18/8). steam-roast-sous vide rack, recipe booklet, and measuring cup Check On Amazon

Detailed Reviews for programmable slow cooker with 8-quarts capacity:

01. Instant Pot Duo Nova Electric Pressure Cooker

The new Instant Pot Duo Nova multi-cooker makes cooking easier. Because the Duo Nova lid automatically locks the steam release valve, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to close it again, locking in all the flavors, nutrients, and fragrances in your food. To release the steam more quickly, simply press the quick-release button to release the pressure.

It also boasts a new progress indicator on its bright blue display, so you always know what’s going on inside, as well as 13 smart programs that allow you to start cooking whatever you desire quickly. The Duo Nova line of multi-cookers comes in four sizes: the most popular 6Qt, as well as 3Qt, 8Qt, and the gigantic new 10 Qt – and is ideal for both large and small families, cooking everything from a fast side dish to large batches of prepared meals for the week.

Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker

Pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, food warmer, saute pan, steamer, and yogurt maker are all included in the Duo Nova. Whether you’re in a hurry or have the time to appreciate the art of cooking, the Instant Pot provides a quick, healthy way to get the job done while using less energy and not heating your kitchen. Remove the clutter from your counter and complete the task using only one tool.

02. GoWISE USA Electric Pressure Cooker

The GoWISE USA Electric Pressure Cooker is the perfect way of bringing your favorite dishes from the kitchen to the table in less time. The 12-in-1 pressure cooker have presets that help speeds up cooking; you can set times manually and switch between low and high-pressure settings. With a keep-warm function, you’ll have no problem delivering fantastic food every single time.

This device comes with a stainless steel pot, rack, basket, measuring cup, spoon, and a long cord, so it cannot be placed on stovetops or hot stoves due to safety reasons. And as icing on the cake, this product includes a built-in spoon holder!

GoWISE USA cooker comes with a recipe book with 50 meals that have been tried and true in our GoWise kitchen! These step-by-step instructions will get you up and running with your new kitchen gadget in no time!

GoWISE USA 12-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker with Stainless Steel Pot

This pressure cooker will become your new favorite kitchen equipment, thanks to its 12 presets that make cooking easier and less stressful. In addition to the 12 settings, this pressure cooker can also be used as a slow cooker and features a delay timer and a keep warm mode. Are you stumped as to what to cook in a pressure cooker? The options are limitless! Soups, spaghetti, rice, applesauce, cheesecake, and many other dishes are available. Discover how helpful and adaptable this appliance is for your kitchen as you try out different dishes.

03. Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker

Cook your favorite dish is simple with Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker. With the big 8-quart capacity, you can use it every day, cooking dinner for the night ahead of time or throwing a pot roast in before work to help make that winter meal quicker and easier. Just preprogram the timer to cook anything from 30 minutes up to 18 hours, so you can have a hearty soup ready when you come home from school or work on a cold, wintry day.

No matter what kind of slow cooker recipe you’re craving, turn up that high and low-temperature control without ever having to worry about overcooking your food because our stoneware is removable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Hamilton Beach 33480 Programmable Slow Cooker

With programmable intervals ranging from 30 minutes to 18 hours and low or high heat settings, you can easily arrange your dinner to be ready when you want it. This slow cooker’s 8-quart size and oval form make it excellent for preparing larger roasts or chunks of meat. Its size makes it ideal for entertaining, special occasions, and large family gatherings.

You can keep track of when dinner will be ready with a countdown timer. When the cooking time is up, the slow cooker changes to warm mode automatically. When you’re finished, both the lid and the crock come off effortlessly and can be washed in the dishwasher.

04. Kalorik 8 Quart Slow Cooker

When life gets busy, and your family needs to eat, you need an easy way to put a hot meal on the table fast. Kalorik Slow Cooker is made of durable professional-grade construction with a tempered glass locking lid. This 8 Quart oval slow cooker is perfect for any family; featuring a digital control panel and dishwasher-safe ceramic bowl, there’s no turning back when it comes to introducing customers to this new kitchen essential!

All that holds them back from their weekly cooking goals are prepping ingredients and adding water or broth/stock during the selectable liquid option setting for soup or stew (or they can choose not to add it at all). Kalorik goes above and beyond by providing one-year manufacturer protection.

Kalorik 8 Quart Slow Cooker

The Kalorik 8 Quart Slow Cooker, with its tempered glass locking lid and digital timer, makes it simple to turn all of your favorite foods into family-friendly dinners for the whole family.

The dishwasher-friendly ceramic insert and the sturdy professional-grade design make cleanup as simple as it possibly can be. Additionally, for those who want the added security that they are utilizing a product that companies trust worldwide, this slow cooker comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty!

05. Crock-pot Programmable Slow Cooker

With a Crock-pot programmable slow cooker, you can cook, slow cook, brown/sauté, boil, simmer, and steam. You can pressure cook items up to 70% faster than a standard oven or slow cook for delicious and hot meals. New features such as Manual Pressure, Simmer, and Boil will elevate your cooking to new heights.

Use Manual Pressure to customize recipes with your pressure setting and cook time. Choose Simmer to cook gently and slowly or to thicken sauces, and Boil to make more one-pot meals.

Take advantage of useful features such as the Delay Timer and the Status Bar, which lights to show pressurization and preheat progress before cooking. Using one multifunctional gadget, you can easily cook any recipe on the menu.

Crock-pot Programmable Slow Cooker

Use any convenient one-touch meal settings to make quick, healthy meals, including chili, soups, grains, and more at the touch of a button.

It has an airtight locking lid that stays sealed under pressure for increased safety, a delay start timer that allows you to start later, and a Warm option that keeps your food at the perfect serving temperature.

The nonstick cooking pot resists stuck-on food and can be washed in the dishwasher, making cleanup a breeze and making it ideal for one-pot cooking. A recipe book, a steaming rack, and a serving spoon are included as extras.

06. Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker TenderCrisp Technology

Cook up to 70% faster with 75% less fat than traditional methods, thanks to Ninja Foodi’s TenderCrisp Technology. The nonstick 8-qt pot and rack are dishwasher safe for quick cleanup––super easy to use. The daring duo allows you to complete all of your food prep in one spot.

The Deluxe Pressure Cooker offers more cooking capacity, perfect for large families or entertaining. Prepare sauces and broths with the included frying basket after pressure cooking time is done; bake desserts such as rice pudding, cheesecake, or custard casserole quickly at high temperatures without worrying about burning them other ovens can do. You won’t have to meet another food preparation challenge again once you try out this.

Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker TenderCrisp Technology

Cooking methods include pressure cooking, air frying/air crisping, steaming, slow cooking, searing/sauté, baking/roasting (grill), broiling, and dehydrating. The nonstick 8-quart pot and rack are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.

The Ninja foodie Deluxe Pressure Cooker has a larger capacity, making it ideal for large families or entertaining. To enjoy your fried meal guilt-free, cook up to 70% faster with 75% less fat than traditional techniques.

Things to consider before buying a programmable slow cooker

  1. Some of the most significant factors to consider when purchasing a slow cooker are the brand name, size, safety features, capacity, pricing, and reputation.
  2. Programmable slow cookers have come a long way since the original days of just being used for stews and soups. You can now make everything from slow-baked, low-fat cakes to delicious chicken in this cooking marvel! 
  3. With so many options out there, you must read our buying guide before making your purchase; otherwise, picking up anything will do is all too tempting when faced with rows upon rows of 8-quart programmable pots on display at retailers like Target or Walmart. 
  4. The best place to start looking might be online, where prices are more competitive than in-store, but if not always, then certainly often enough.
  5. There are slow cookers that are reasonably priced as well as those that cost hundreds of dollars. You will save time and money if you have a budget in place ahead of time.
  6. Choose a model or brand with a good reputation rather than one with a terrible reputation. Although you can never please everyone, there is an issue when more negative comments than positive comments.

How to use a programmable slow cooker – Operating Tips!

  • A slow cooker, when properly cared for, can provide you with many years of excellent service. It is critical that you always look after your appliance, use it correctly, and give it the attention it needs.
  • Otherwise, consider replacing your slow cookers regularly. It’s not difficult to care for a slow cooker, and taking a few extra minutes to do so is much easier than replacing it every few months.
  • Yes, the purpose of a slow cooker is to save time and produce delicious meals, but the cook also has a role to play. This link is useful to me, and you might find it useful as well.
  • The more you use the slow cooker, the better each dish you make will taste. Remove the fat from the meat before putting it in the slow cooker, and make sure all ingredients are ready ahead of time.
  • Ensure sure the slow cooker is fully cleaned after each usage. Most 8-quart programmable slow cooker models come with detachable stoneware and lids that can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Keep your appliance away from water, of course! Even a small amount of water can cause significant harm and devastation to your device. Save yourself the trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is the most popular crockpot size?

    The most common crockpot capacity is 6 quarts. This is large enough to feed most families, cooks most recipes, and leaves enough food for leftovers.

  2. Is It Possible To Cook Small Amounts In A Big Slow Cooker?

    Yes, but for the finest cooking experience, it is not suggested. To make it work, you'll need to add more liquid or utilize additional accessories. Refer to our suggestions above for further information.
    Accessories are useful if you have a large crockpot and want to cook tiny amounts of food. An oven-safe bowl, baking pan, or casserole dish must be placed within the slow cooker bowl for this approach to work.

    Make sure that:

    1. About two-thirds to three-quarters of the slow cooker is full.
    2. Make sure the lid is securely fastened, and don't open it while cooking.
    3. For this to work, you'll need an oven-safe bowl.
    4. Use a wire rack or aluminum foil to line the bottom of the slow cooker.
    5. If you're making soup, you might want to add some more liquid.

    In the end, it's best to buy a crockpot that's the correct size for you rather than modifying one that's too huge.

  3. How Big Is The Biggest Crockpot?

    Crockpots with a high capacity are great for feeding a large group of people or a large family. The largest crockpots range in capacity from 8 to 10 quarts. You can cook large amounts of food in these slow cookers.
    These huge crockpots can cook an entire chicken, a 10-pound turkey, and giant roasts and yet come out tender. The following is a list of the best big crockpots to buy.

  4. What Is The Average Crockpot Size?

    Slow cookers typically have a capacity of 5 to 6 quarts. These are the most frequent sizes, and they can carry enough food for medium households.

Final Words

We hope you got valuable information about the best 8-quart programmable slow cooker with a locking lid and size guide. We have listed the top 10 best 8-quart programmable slow cookers from our research, but you may also want to consider what is most important to you in a programmable slow cooker before deciding which one to purchase. Consider features such as size, safety (locking lid), power level, or cooking time range if this matters more than price.

If they don’t, then look into the budget options. We’ve included various prices points below that offer great value for money without compromising quality too much!

Let us know in the comment section what questions you had about using this appliance, and whether any of them were answered here so, other readers can benefit.

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