Beach Chair Storage Ideas | Storage for Folding chairs

Beach Chair Storage ideas

Beach Chair Storage Ideas

It is time to think about beach chair storage. The summer heat has been scorching this year, and it’s not going away anytime soon. You want your beach chairs stored in a place that will keep them clean, dry, and free of damage from the elements.

When you’re at the store looking for beach chair storage ideas, it can be overwhelming with all of the different options available to you! We have compiled a list below of some common types of beach chair storage solutions so that you can find what suits your needs best!

When not in use, folding tables and chairs can be easily moved and pushed or hung on the wall. After a successful party, you’ll find it hard to put down the beach chairs. With everything else that needs to be done after the event is over and some guests have left, how will we store these babies?

Your best bet would be on finding something easily accessible for every guest at future parties or events so they can grab their gear when they leave. Beach chair storage ideas are simple to come by, but if you’re looking for the perfect design idea, then we have it!

Best Ways to Store beach chairs

01 Wall Storage Rack

Store all your chairs, umbrellas, boards, and gear on multiple adjustable rack arms attached to the slotted wall track. Can also be used to store other items such as surfboards, wakeboard, fishing rods, tools, skis, snowboards, etc. Get organized in minutes with 4 screws through each track, then simply insert arms and store your beach gear.

Beach Chair Storage Racks

02 Under the bed

It’s time to clean up for the summer. This is a list of what you need under your bed: plastic bags, beach chairs, and trays that can be stored underneath furniture. Then, when it’s wintertime again, don’t worry about getting out all this stuff from below!

03 On top of the Cabinet

Put them horizontally at the top of your tall Cabinet. If you have infrequent use for beach chairs, keep them up high if you don’t need that space to house other items like books or pictures.

04 The Closet

To have a tidier home, you can use storage bags for your beach chairs. The chair legs will not snag on anything hanging in the closet when they’re sitting on the floor, and there are hooks installed behind or above clothes that hang high enough to be out of reach from their straps.

You can maximize your storage space by using the vertical spaces in a closet. If there is not much room to place beach chairs, stack them on top of coat racks or hang coats from hangers and store towels underneath for easy access when you need it!


Other locations around the house

Don’t worry if your house, basement, or garage cannot house your folding chairs – or if you don’t have a hallway, basement, or garage; there are other places you can use.

They can be stored in unused areas such as beds, couches, bookshelves, and tables behind or underneath. Make sure that they don’t stop you from using whatever you hide behind or under—again, what if they are uncomfortable for you?

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Traditional places where beach chairs are stored in the house

Attic: You should ensure that they are arranged so that they do not block your door.

Basement: According to your home and the area you live in, if the basement is your choice, you may want to consider placing a pallet under the chairs to ensure that any potential water damage does not occur.

Garage: When you store them in a garage, make sure they don’t block your cars or store them anywhere they could be.


If you don’t have any extra storage spaces for your beach chairs, regardless of how hard you look, and even if they’re in the way a little bit, it’s okay to leave them out. You’ve saved valuable floor space from being lost as well by doing this.

Hang the beach chair to a pair of hooks on the wall. Then keep seats open, and as an alternative, when these chairs aren’t being used for seating, you might find other uses such as hanging laundry or plants from them!

Beach chairs can be stored in many different places, but we will focus on the most common storage areas for now. The easiest way to keep a beach chair is by attaching it into your car’s trunk or behind an SUV back seat.

If you don’t have these features and use some vehicle that has limited space like a sedan, then try storing them between sheets, so they take up less room than if they were lying down flat against one another.

Alternatively, you could fold them together and place them inside drawers at home since this method also helps with getting more stuff done!

As shown above, there are numerous ways to store beach chairs depending on what size vehicles people drive and their personal preference, while our article provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the right location for storing beach chairs?

    If you have no shelter, basement, or garage for your folding chairs or have no shelter, cellar, or garage, do not worry; there are other places you can use. They can be stored in unused areas such as beds, couches, bookshelves, and tables behind or underneath.

  2. Where to store beach chairs in the off-season?

    Store beach chairs in large, airtight bins. For a quick and easy solution to storing your outdoor furniture for the winter season, you can use giant lockers or cabinets usually used as storage spaces under stairwells or garages. You could also create an upstairs loft space with some sturdy brackets where all of your summertime essentials will be conveniently stored out of sight until next year's warm weather arrives.

  3. Can we hang things to the garage ceiling?

    When installing overhead storage, it's important to spread the weight load over as many trusses or joints as possible. Most support beams will run horizontally across the width (parallel with your garage door). Never mount ceiling brackets along the length of one single beam – place them at least two feet away from any other supports and make sure they're evenly spaced apart.

chairs ceiling storage


We have a few suggestions for storing your beach supplies, and we hope these work well for you; in addition, I hope these ideas help you find a place for all of your beach chairs and accessories. Feel free to share any additional tips or ask questions in the comments below! See you on the sand, friends.

You’ve got the beach chairs stored out of sight, and now you have a few more tips for storing all your other beach gear too. Putting everything in one central location will keep it organized, so when you’re ready to head back home from vacation, there’s nothing left behind! Did we forget anything? Share below and tell us what else is on your list of things to store before heading off on vacation this summer.

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