Best Air Fryer Under $200 in 2021 | Our Top 15 Reviews

Best Air Fryers Under $200

Best Air Fryers Under $200

Finding the best air fryer under $200 is not an easy task. You need to research and find out all these products with different price ranges before making your purchase. Otherwise, it can be challenging for someone who isn’t really cooking or wants something quick like fried chicken with virtually no mess! However, with so many air fryers on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is worth your money. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 15 Best Air Fryers Under $200! We hope this list will help you find the perfect air fryer for you and your family.

We’ve also written a detailed review about each product in our list, so if you need more information before making a decision, feel free to check out our reviews section!

In Hurry? Check Out Our Top 3 Picks

Best Choice
Philips Premium Analog Air Fryer

  • Dishwasher-Safe
  • 3 Quart Capacity
  • Fat Removal Technology
Best Value
Ninja Foodi 2-Basket Air Fryer

  • Dual Zone Technology
  • 8 Quart Capacity
  • Stainless Finish
Best Price
COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer

  • Nonstick Baskets
  • 5.8 Quart
  • 13 Cooking Functions

Points to Remember Before Purchasing an Air Fryer

  • The accurate working of the air fryer, i.e., proper airflow and heat around the food.
  • That can maintain the required temperature throughout the cooking time.
  • The food should hold back the color and texture. The air fryer should be boisterous and quicker at work.
  • Adequate size of the air fryer to get occupied on the countertop.
  • The wattage of the air fryer should be according to your kitchen outlet.
  • According to your need, the air fryer’s capacity should be sufficient for everyday cooking or feast and occasions.
  • The air fryer must not get overheated. It should be able to maintain the desired temperature accurately.

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Top 15 Best Air Fryers List Under $200

Image Product Feature Price
Editor’s Choice
Philips Premium Analog Air Fryer
3 Quart Capacity, Fat Removal Technology plus Recipe Cookbook. Fits 1 bag of frozen French fries. Voltage – 220 Volts. Check On Amazon
Dual Value
Ninja Foodi 2-Basket Air Fryer
8-Quart Capacity, 2-Basket Air Fryer with Dual-Zone Technology, 6-in-1 Features, and Stainless Finish. Check On Amazon
Highest Rated
Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 Air Fryer Combo
Cooker and Air Fryer with Nesting Broil Rack and a Stainless Finish. 6.5-Quart Capacity. Highest Rated on Amazon. Check On Amazon
Best Price
Cosori Smart WiFi Air Fryer
5.8 Quart Capacity, Keep Warm & Preheat & Shake Remind, Works with Alexa & Google Assistant, and 13 Cooking Functions. Check On Amazon
Large Capacity
Nuwave Brio Air Fryer
15.5 Quarts Large Capacity with Digital Touch Screen Controls and Integrated Digital Temperature Probe. Check On Amazon
Philips Airfryer, Avance Turbo Star
Unique TurboStar Technology. Cook’s fried food 50% more evenly, Quick control dial with digital display. Check On Amazon
COSORI Smart Air Fryer
5.8 Quart, Wi-Fi App & Alexa Control/Google home, Nonstick Removable Basket with Shake Reminder, Keep Warm Preheat Features. Check On Amazon
Dash AirCrisp Pro Electric Air Fryer
6 Quart Air Fryer + Oven Cooker with Digital Display + 8 Presets, Temperature Control, Non-Stick Fry Basket, Stainless Steel. Check On Amazon
Tao Tronics Air Fryer
Large 6 Quart with Touch Control Panel, 11 Preset and 50 Recipes for Roast, Reheat, Bake, Nonstick Easy Clean, Auto Shut Off. Check On Amazon
Ninja AF101 Air Fryer
4 Quart Capacity, Wide temperature range of 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Ceramic coated nonstick basket and crisper plate. Check On Amazon
GoWISE USA Electric Air Fryer
7-Quart Electric with Dehydrator & 3 Stackable Racks, Led Digital Touchscreen with 8 Functions, 7.0-Qt. Check On Amazon
Phillips Turbostar Air Fryer
1.8lb/2.75 Quarts Air fryer. Fry, bake, grill, roast, and even reheat your meals. Digital Control and Black Color. Check On Amazon
Instant Pot Vortex Plus Air Fryer
10 Quarts, Stainless Steel, 7 built-in smart programs, including bake, roast, toast, broil, dehydrate, and rotisserie. Check On Amazon
Iconites 10-in-1 Air Fryer
20 Quart Airfryer Toaster Oven Combo, Convection Toaster Oven with Rotisserie Dehydrator, ETL Certified. Check On Amazon
GoWISE USA 7-Quart Air Fryer
7-Quart Air Fryer & Dehydrator – with Touchscreen Display with Stackable Dehydrating Racks with Preheat & Broil Functions, 100 Recipes. Check On Amazon

Detailed Review of Air Fryers Under $200:

1. Philips Premium Analog Air Fryer

Philips Air fryers provide healthier cooking with up to 75% less fat. This Air Fryer includes a starfish design and extremely easy to use.

One of the best features about this air fryer is that it has a fully adjustable temperature control up to 390°F.

A double-layer rack accessory is included! Double the cooking space by preparing entire meals at once.

Philips Airfryer is the leader in air fryers with over 8 million units sold. 100% customer satisfaction

Philips Air fryer oil consumption is minimal, about 75%, and food is eventually healthy as oil is replaced by the air, making you healthy and active and has a starfish design that enables the faster and even cooking of the food with the perfect quality.

2. Ninja Foodi 2-Basket Air Fryer

A Ninja air fryer is a cooking appliance that can cook two different foods at the same time, which means you get to eat twice as much food when used in comparison with other models. The DualZone Technology lets you set up your meal, so it finishes all of its dishes at the same time too!

This air fryer also has six customizable programs for various cuisines such as Air Fry, Roast, and Bake, but one favorite might be Match Cook, where this unit copies settings across zones if needed. It’s also got an 8-quart capacity meaning there will always be room for dessert after dinner or even some fries while making chicken wings because we know how hard they are to resist sometimes.

You no longer need to compromise on the taste of your favorite fried foods, because now you can have just as much flavor in a healthier form. The Ninja Air fryer is not only powerful enough to crisp up all types of food from potatoes and chicken strips, but it’s also able to do so with less oil than traditional frying methods require.

With two independent 4-quart zones that each come equipped with their own cooking baskets and cyclonic fans for proper circulation, this air fryer has everything needed for delicious results every time!

3. Ninja Foodi (OS301) 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer

The TenderCrisp Pressure Cooker makes it easy to pressure-cook and air fry in one dish. The 10-in-1 versatility lets you use the product for all your cooking needs – pressure cook, slow cook, steam, make yogurt, sear/sauté, air fry crisps, bake/roast, or broil.

Ninja Foodi Air fryer has a stainless steel nesting broil rack. This air fryer gives you an alternative way to prepare your favorite dishes. It conveniently tucks away inside the cooking pot for easy storage.

Led display control panel and can cook up to a 6-lb roast or a 5-lb chicken with Fat Removal Technology. Cook 3-lb french fries with 75% less fat than traditional air frying methods with this air fryer. This cooker includes a 6.5-quart cooking pot and 4.6-quart Cook & Crisp Plate that are both dishwashers safe and nonstick.

Fifteen recipes meal-making inspiration. 1460-watt main unit with Pressure cooking lid, crisping lid, Stainless steel nesting broil oven rack, 6.5-quart nonstick Cook & Crisp Plate.

4. COSORI Air Fryer Max XL

Cosori air fryer includes thirteen automated cooking presets and 360° rapid airflow for more crispy food and less oil.

Enjoy adjusting and monitoring the cooking progress of your meals remotely through the VeSync app or voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant.

This product pulls up to 85% less fat than conventional frying methods while preserving the same flavor and taste.

Its square baskets with a 5.8-qt capacity can cook a whole 5-pound chicken, and the corner spaces give more cooking flexibility than round designs—Cook the perfect food for 3 to 5 people in one cycle.

The removable, nonstick baskets are dishwasher safe, PFOA free, and BPA free. 100 Cosori chef-created recipes Included. 13 Cooking Functions and 11 presets with shake reminder function.

The touchscreen display allows you to choose the preset of your preference easily. It also comes with preheating and keeps food warm. You can even set the heat and cook time to your specifications.

5. NuWave Brio 15.5-Quart

The NuWave Roaster Oven comes with a wide variety of features, including:

Mesh cooking rack, mesh tray, drip tray, integrated temperature probe, Rotisserie kit, Owner’s manual with recipes.

Bonus: Nuwave Cooking Club app and 1-year limited warranty.

The NuWave Roaster oven also includes the all-new nonstick Grill Plate for grilling burgers, steaks, and chicken, among other food.

The 15.5-quart Brio model uses super-heated air and a special air-flow design to cook crispy delicious fried foods without messy oil and extra fats and calories.

Even cook from frozen without defrosting. It’s the perfect combination of capacity and versatility. Perfect for busy households on the go!

Using the integrated digital temperature probe means you never have to guess again! Insert the probe, set the temperature, and then touch and go! The Brio cooks until your food is perfect and then shuts off automatically, so you’ll never undercook or overcook meals again!

6. TaoTronics Air Fryer, Large XL 6 Quart

Fry with little to no oil and still keep the deep-fried crispy texture of food; fry basket which separates your meal from fat.

A powerful 1750W built-in fan circulates super-hot air around for quicker cooking times thanks to a 360° convection cooking system that cooks your meals faster!

The Air Fryer oven is perfect for any occasion, from a family gathering to a dinner party.

The 11 preset menus with precise time and heat settings are just what you need to make delicious food like meat, seafood, mozzarella sticks, Rotisserie Chicken, chicken wings, or vegetables without sacrificing the flavor your dish.

You can also use this machine as an over-the-range microwave if needed!

The 6-quart air fryer basket allows cooking large meals in one go that will feed 3-6 people easily – making it great for parties where guests may be arriving at different times, so they have something hot waiting when they arrive!

The deep container leaves enough space between heating tubes which prevents overheating while ensuring maximum taste. Lift the nonstick metal frying basket from the pan, and either rinse it or place it in a dishwasher.

The unit employs an overheating protection system that automatically shuts off if you forget to turn it off, essentially inputting your safety into each fryer before you start cooking. It also comes with advanced ETL listed/FDA compliant.

7. Instant Pot Vortex Plus 10 Quart

Air fryers give you all the flavor of deep-fried cooking without the oil and mess. Get crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, perfection every time.

Air fryer with 7 built-in smart programs, including bake, roast, toast, broil, dehydrate, and rotisserie.

1-step EvenCrisp TechnologyTM allows you to achieve a crispy outside and tender inside. Whether you tumble-fry in the rotating basket or roast meat rotisserie style, deliciousness is guaranteed.

The Instant Vortex Plus air fryer oven can help you make healthy, tasty versions of your favorites.

You’ll be able to cook up dinner in half the time with little preheating time and without heating the whole kitchen.

This appliance is ETL Certified, so that means it’s safe for use! Fewer grease drips mean less mess. Air frying means smaller pots as food cooks in its fat, avoiding the need for oily cooking sprays and oil. The drip frying pan is dishwasher save, making cleanup a breeze. The cooking trays are also dishwasher safe, plus include an easy-to-use rotisserie basket and spit rod.

8. COSORI Smart Air Fryer Oven Cookbook Wi-Fi

The VeSync app allows you to monitor and control your air fryer from anywhere.

Simply set up voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant through the free app for even greater convenience.

Choose a preset on display, change it according to what works best for you, and save new temperature settings so that no matter where life takes you – be at work, traveling abroad- cooking is never more than one touch away!

The recipe book of 100 recipes will help you cook various dishes of your desire in a healthy way. The capacity of the COSORI Smart Air Fryer Oven is 5.8 quarts. It is nonstick and can be monitor and operated easily wherever you want through a phone app.

This air fryer helps you do all other household and cooking as you can keep an eye on it through your phones. Customize the new temperatures and time to make them work faster and cooking easier and quicker to keep the taste of the food. Removable baskets nonstick base make it feasible to clean.

9. Hosome Air fryer Toaster Oven

The Hosome 8-in-1 Large Toaster Air Fryer Oven is the perfect kitchen helper for making delicious food.

With up to 60 minutes of cooking time and 0 – 450℉ adjustable temperature, you can make a variety of tasty dishes with this oven!

It is a large, powerful oven with 8 specifications and functions. It evenly maintains the temperature for precise cooking.

The built-in lamp and glass door with a capacity of 30 liters is good for a whole large family.

Important Tips To Remember While Using An Air Fryer

  • While utilizing the best air fryer under 200, It is essential that warm air flows around the food and keeps it away from sitting in a lot of oil, which you can do by keeping the rack on all sides to stop hot air from escaping.
  • Some Air Fryers under $200 have a little noisy fan. Especially in the hour after they are turned on, they can be very boisterous.
  • Nevertheless, searing does require some attention and stirring at regular intervals to ensure that the food is cooked evenly.
  • Ensure that the air fryer is not too close to a wall guarantees that it will be startlingly quiet or won’t betray any sound.
  • One of the most significant benefits of the air fryer is how quickly it cooks. It can cook food faster than normal ovens!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is an air fryer preferable to a traditional fryer? 

    The air fryer is healthier than a regular fryer as the oil consumption in the air fryer is very low. It consumes 80% less oil than the traditional one, a healthy option for every person.

  2. Is it necessary to preheat the air fryer?

    No, it is not necessary to preheat the air fryer as we do it for the oven. Its heating is faster even in a cold air fryer. Cooking is convenient as it safe the time of preheating.

  3. Can air fryers be easily used and keep in typical kitchens?

    Yes, most air fryers are easy to keep on the countertops and are easy to use in your kitchens without any special arrangements.

  4. Do air fryers require extra wattage than the normal one available in the kitchen?

    No, the air fryers can work efficiently on the wattage that is already built in your kitchen. It doesn’t require extra sorting of wattage.

  5. How much food can an air fryer hold?

    Air fryers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes that can vary in their capacities. Some have the capacity of 4-5 servings, and some are so huge that they can cook the meal of a whole family or a feast. Some air fryers have multiple racks that enable them to cook different dishes at the same time.

  6. Is cleaning an air fryer is easy?

    Yes, it is washable as its parts are mostly detachable, and some have a built-in electrical mechanism for cleaning.

Final Remarks

We hope this article has helped you decide which air fryer to buy within a $200 Budget. Our top recommendation is the Ninja Foodi Air Fryer. Philips and Cosori are also good options. All others air fryers are also market-dominating, so keep that in mind when deciding on an option for purchase. What do you think? What do you think which one the best air fryer under a $200 budget?


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